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I was a heavy smoker myself for 25 years.  I loved smoking cigarettes ~
I planned my life around cigarettes.  It got to be that you barely ever saw me without puffing away on a cigarette ~ especially in social settings…or if I was driving...or bored... or stressed…you get the picture.

I was a slave to tobacco, b
ut I knew that cigarettes were killing me and that smoking was the worst thing I could be doing to myself.

Throughout the years I tried everything to stop; prescription drugs, over-the-counter stop smoking aids, cold turkey...nothing worked....So in March of 2007, I used hypnosis to become free from cigarettes. 

Hypnosis made the transition into becoming smoke free so easy for me
that the thought of putting a cigarette in my mouth now is completely
foreign to me. 

It feels great to finally be free!! Smoking cigarettes is simply something that I used to do, but is no longer a part of my life…

There is always something better to do than smoke cigarettes ~
I have more health, time, money, & self-respect…and the great thing is that I don’t even miss them

I’m proud of my success rate of helping others to become smoke free…so if you’re a smoker and you’ve tried everything to stop, but nothing has worked, I would be honored to help you end the smoking habit once and for all ~

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                        I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk!!!

Cathie Cain, CHt.
Director/Key Point Hypnosis

                  KEY POINT HYPNOSIS:

"I've been to other Hypnotists in the area, some charged more and others were dirt cheap... I even tried those group hypnosis sessions at the Holiday Inn to stop smoking years ago. It wasn't even close to how effective my session at Key Point Hypnosis was...just because something is cheap,
doesn't mean it works!"

B. Wells
New Market, MD

"I was referred to Key Point Hypnosis by my primary care physician in September of 2010 to stop smoking.  I was really nervous about the whole "hypnosis" process, but Cathie's expertise and easy style made it really easy for me to relax and I had the confidence that she knew what she was doing. Before I knew it I was a non-smoker after 32 years of being a smoker.   I'm so happy to be free from cigarettes ~ thanks, Cathie - you're a life saver!!"

Ijamsville, MD 

"...I have been using hypnotherapy with Cathie Cain for the past year for various things such as anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, stress, and low self-esteem.  I would not have thought that I could be "put under", but it is in no way like you see in the movies.  There is a calming peacefulness that takes place, and I leave the session with a lasting sense of inner peace...things feel right and safe.  I have seen other types of therapists in the past, but hypnotherapy at Key Point Hypnosis has helped me heal my soul.
Happiness is the love I have for myself today and for the person I am ~
Thank you Cathie!!

K. Grube
New Market, MD

"Cathie helped me improve my golf game.  I used to yip in the sandtraps, plus my putting needed some help.  1 session at Key Point Hypnosis helped me get out of my own head and take 10 strokes off my game ~ thanks, Cathie ~ I'm enjoying golf more than ever!!!"

B. James
Taneytown, MD

"I just had to write Key Point Hypnosis to thank you for helping me to finally end my cigarette addiction after 52 years of being a heavy smoker.  I had tried numerous methods in the past, including nicotine gum, but none of them worked for me.  I would gladly recommend your services to anyone in need of ending an unwanted habit, because I'm living proof!  Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your help - I feel GREAT!!!"

D. Covello, Mt. Airy, MD
Dundalk, MD

"Cathie's vibrant and caring personality enables one to feel at ease so that he/she can get the most out of his/her session.  She first takes the time to be sure that an individual is truly ready for this type of therapy.  She then explains it in detail and answers all questions.  In other words, she takes the time
to create a session that will deliver the most benefit - her customer service is outstanding.  I recommend Cathie to others on a regular basis".

K. Witner, Mt. Airy, MD
Mt. Airy, MD

"I was a smoker for over 30 years, and tried to quit numerous times. The biggest problem was the first week of trying to quit. I always had strong desires to smoke again.  That was
until I tried Cathie's way of quitting.  After one session I was able to quit without the desire.  Thanks again for getting me through this addiction!"

R. Miller, Mt. Airy, MD
Mt. Airy, MD

"Cathie is a professional lady who deeply cares about others.  I am very impressed with her knowledge in field.  I highly recommend Cathie"

L. Dilks, Mt. Airy, MD
Mt. Airy, MD

"I was worried I would be "out of it", but instead I was hyper-aware of my surroundings and myself.  Cathie's voice made me feel safe as she guided me through visualizations which helped me to understand and cope with my anxieties.  Just the other day someone told me they noticed that I have a new confidence when dealing with situations that previously would have had me upset and physically ill.  I no longer second guess myself or make myself sick with worry.  I would recommend Cathie Cain/Key Point Hypnosis to anyone who needs help with anxiety or stress issues."

L. Basham, Monrovia, MD
Monrovia, MD